Mother stunned after children’s party invitation requires gift costing up to $100

Editor's Note: This article has been corrected to indicate that the required gifting amount was up to, not at least, 3,000 New Taiwan Dollars (~$97).

A mother in Taiwan was left stunned after her daughter, who is enrolled in a private school, was purportedly invited to a kindergarten classmate’s party and asked to bring a gift that costs up to nearly $100.

It is unclear where the alleged incident took place, but the mother shared her story anonymously on a Chinese social media platform on Nov. 20.

The daughter received a birthday party invitation from one of her classmates on Nov. 18, according to the anonymous post. After reading the invitation, the mother noticed that it contained some rules, including one that required each guest to bring a gift worth up to 3,000 New Taiwan Dollars (approximately $97).

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I was so shocked when I saw that because it seems a little steep for us,” the mother wrote. “I was contemplating not letting my daughter attend but she was begging that she wants to attend because the invitation was exclusive and not everyone in her class received the invitation.”

In the post, the mother noted that she and her husband worked hard to get their daughter into a good private school. While they managed to do just that despite facing several challenges, the mother admitted that she did not expect the problems they would face following the girl’s enrollment.

The mother said they eventually agreed to let their daughter go to the party despite the expensive gift requirement. She also shared that she is afraid of her daughter turning into a spoiled child.

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