Mothers recall 'hardest call' after sons were stabbed to death

Five mothers have relived the hardest phone calls they had to make after their sons were stabbed to death, in a bid to urge Londoners to speak up about knife crime. They shared their stories as part of a campaign launched on Thursday aimed at inspiring women whose close relatives may be on the fringes of knife crime to report information. Metropolitan Police Commissioner Dame Cressida Dick said she hopes their “tragic accounts” will encourage people to call the Crimestoppers charity, anonymously. She said: “We understand this is a difficult thing to ask – but you don’t have to name names and even a small piece of information could be vital. “Making that one call could literally save the life of someone’s son or daughter.”

Video Transcript

- After my Archie was murdered, I had to call up about getting him embalmed. Archie, he's my only child. And he is my best friend. Even tying the word "embalment" to Archie is wrong. That should never be a sentence a mum should have to say.

- I called my auntie [INAUDIBLE]. She was very close to him, almost like a mum to him. I remember telling her that Quamari's-- he's been stabbed. She just screamed.

- His chest was open. And he was just lying in his blood (CRYING) I called my mum. And I said, mum, Dwayne's been stabbed. [GASPS] I remember her saying, oh, no. She didn't see what I saw. His hand was just hanging, so lifeless. When I saw that, I knew he wasn't going to make it. I knew he wasn't going to make it.