This Motivational Water Bottle Is the Best Friend We Didn't Know We Needed

Shelcy Joseph

Turns out, best friends come in the form of motivational water bottles too. Those that cheer you on when you reach your drinking goal, or send a gentle nudge when you forget. While there's still some confusion over how much water you should be drinking, one thing is clear: staying hydrated is necessary.

It sounds simple in theory, and it should come as easily as breathing, but occasionally (on those super busy days), it slips my mind and takes my energy with it. My sister recommended the motivational water bottle ($22) she got herself recently, and I've been seeing people posting photos of theirs on Instagram ever since. The bulky gallon is stamped with time marks and motivational messages, so you always remember to hydrate. I'm ready to make the plunge because, judging from the reviews, it seems to really help increase your daily water intake.

If you could also use a gentle push on days when you need it most, consider buying the motivational water bottles I've curated ahead.


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