Handyman charged with murder in 'Mayor of City Island' shooting death

A local handyman accused of killing a friendly construction worker nicknamed "the mayor of City Island" is now charged with murder, but it remains unclear exactly why he allegedly shot Lizbeth Mass.

Video Transcript

LAUREN GLASSBERG: Now to some other news of the night. The gun used in the murder of a 52-year-old woman on City Island yesterday belonged to a retired NYPD officer. That is just one of many twists in yesterday's shooting. The suspect was also arrested, not by a police officer, but by an IRS agent who happened to be nearby. Eyewitness News reporter Diana Rocco, live on City Island with more. Diana.

DIANA ROCCO: That 52-year-old construction worker was working a job, here, on City Island yesterday when she was killed in a very bizarre sequence of events. A memorial stands in her honor tonight. And while the suspect is in custody, her death has left so many here on City Island, and police, now looking for answers.

52-year-old Lizbeth Mass was nicknamed the Mayor of City Island. The friendly construction flagger was always smiling and waving as she worked on many projects in the area and was loved by the locals.

- A very nice lady. Very independent.

DIANA ROCCO: A memorial now stands where she was killed, just a day ago, by someone who appeared to be her friend. Police are exploring the possibility it was her friendly attitude and smile that led, 66-year-old, Geraldo Reyes to shoot her six times around 12:30 Wednesday afternoon.

JAMES ESSIG: He works as a handyman in that area. So he comes by on his bike frequently. She always has a friendly smile for him, talks to him. Yesterday, she stops by. She brings a sandwich-- He brings a sandwich to her. He leaves. They have some sort of discussion which we don't know about.

DIANA ROCCO: Reyes often brought Mass food on his bike, but yesterday Mass's boyfriend was there on her lunch break. Reyes later returned with a stolen 44-caliber Smith and Wesson, taken from the home of a retired police officer where he had been doing handiwork.

JAMES ESSIG: We don't know what triggered him in that. But there was no relationship to those two.

DIANA ROCCO: Mass's boyfriend was able to run Reyes down with his car, and held him 'til the nearby IRS agent made an arrest. Her death and these odd events have left many in disbelief.

JOEL ABRAMS: It is shocking because she had a lot of feelings for people, especially the people she worked with.

DIANA ROCCO: And that is the sentiment from people here on City Island tonight. They are just shocked over all of this, and how the events played out yesterday. Police have all of this on surveillance video which they are now reviewing. The suspect here, Reyes, remains in the hospital tonight. He is likely to face charges We're live--