Motive Unknown After 8 Killed At Indianapolis FedEx Facility

A 19-year-old gunman opened fire at a FedEx facility in Indianapolis late Thursday night, killing eight people before dying of a self-inflicted gunshot wound, authorities said. Police identified the suspect as Brandon Scott Hole, a former FedEx employee.

Video Transcript

JUAN FERNANDEZ: Tonight families of the fallen Indianapolis mass shooting victims are reeling as new details about the killer comes to light.

PAT HARVEY: That's right. On this evening authorities have also released the victim's names and their ages. KCAL9 Political Reporter, Tom Wait, is here live with the latest on this horrific mass shooting.

TOM WAIT: I mean, Pat, it feels like we've been talking about a mass shooting every week, every day, and it's just horrific. And of course, tonight the big question is, why? This evening, we've learned the youngest victim in this killing spree was just 19-years-old, the oldest 74. Four of the victims were from the Sikh community.

- Tears of pure relief and joy in this room after FedEx employees are reunited with their loved ones. In the aftermath of the violence, family and friends raced to the facility, not sure who lived and who died.


- We have an active shooter currently at FedEx.


- The shooting happened at the FedEx warehouse late Thursday night near the Indianapolis airport. The gunman arrived armed with a rifle.

- He was firing in the open. And I immediately ducked down and got scared.

- This man arrived at a nearby staging area to find out his loved one was safe.

- I came here and they were able to give me that he was in the other building when it happened. I'm so thankful.

- Witnesses say there was no warning. Barely any chance to run or take cover.

- We started hearing six to around ten shots. This made me stand up and actually look at the entrance door, and I saw a man with a sub-machine gun of some sort-- an automatic rifle-- and he was firing in the open.

- My buddy, Levi, saw someone running out of the building and then more shots went off. Somebody went behind their car to the trunk and got another-- and got another gun, and then I saw one body on the floor.

- He just appeared to randomly start shooting and that began in the parking lot, and then he did go into the building.

CRAIG MCCARTT: This individual has since been identified as 19-year-old Brandon Hole. FedEx officials have confirmed that Mr. Hole was a former employee at the facility and he was last employed in 2020.

- Police say when they arrived, they found the shooter had killed himself. His rampage only took a few minutes.

- They found several victims injured and several victims deceased, as well as the suspect.

- In the aftermath of the bloodshed, family and friends had a hard time finding survivors because some FedEx employees are not allowed to keep their cell phones with them while on the job.

- They need a different type of policy where you can contact your employer or allow them to have their cell phones.

- Federal agents searched an Indiana home in connection with the shooting. The home is reportedly where the killer lived. In the video you can see agents removing computer equipment from the location, along with other potential evidence. The FBI says Hole was known to them after a family member warned them about Hole's potential for violence. His mother said in 2020 he might try to commit, quote, "suicide by cop." The FBI closed their investigation citing insufficient evidence.

- He was a former employee, what brought him back here last night specifically?

CRAIG MCCARTT: I wish we can answer that.

- The shooting is just the latest in a string of mass shootings. The third in Indianapolis this year alone.

TOM WAIT: The FBI says they seized a shotgun from the suspect back during the time when they interviewed. Him that shotgun was not returned. And once again tonight, motive is still a mystery. Pat, back to you.

PAT HARVEY: All right. Thank you, Tom.