Motorbikers face far higher road risk, say figures

Police describe north Wales as a magnet for motorcyclists

Motorcyclists on north Wales roads are 50 times more likely to be killed or seriously injured than other drivers, statistics show.

Although they make up only about 1% of vehicles on the area's roads, they represent 32% of all fatal casualties in north Wales.

They are also 18 times more likely than car and taxi occupants to be in an accident.

The figures were collected between January to late October 2023 and presented at a North Wales Police and Crime Commissioner’s meeting.

Occupants of other vehicles accounted for about 41% of fatalities.

The number of motorcyclist casualties remains the same, while other groups have seen reductions.

Gwynedd has seen the highest volume of casualties killed or seriously injured, although there has been some decrease from the previous year of 2022 in the county and across north Wales.

North Wales Police said some riders were impaired by alcohol and drugs, although the number was small.

The force is now planning its annual Bikesafe operation aimed at educating riders and reducing the number of serious injuries and deaths.

Sgt Jason Diamond, of the force's roads crime unit, said: “Sadly, statistically motorcyclists are some of the most vulnerable road users and they are affected disproportionately by collisions.

“North Wales is a magnet for motorcyclists due to the beauty of the area, and as a keen biker myself I know that I and my fellow motorcyclist colleagues not only understand the risks but are passionate about how we can work together to reduce these statistics.

"Reducing the number of people who are killed or seriously injured on the roads continues to be a priority."

He said the annual road safety campaign would involve working closely with neighbouring police forces.

"Engagement is also extremely important and officers will also visit biker hotspot areas to speak to riders about how they can play their part in helping to reduce the number of deaths and serious injuries on the roads."

The police will run day-long BikeSafe workshops, including classroom-based theory intended to help develop key skills around riding and safety and sharing experience and skills.