Motorcycle club raises money for children in need

Sep. 4—Among the many philanthropic groups in the Valley is the Penitent Souls Motorcycle Club, founded by Flip "Bulldog" Phillips, of Muncy, in 2011.

From the very beginning Phillips, 52, now the club president, wanted the group to focus on helping children in need.

"The club started with myself and four other guys," he said.

The motorcycle club quickly grew to 20 members, and their spouses. "We have high expectations for ourselves," Phillips said. "Everyone has a great role in our fundraisers. Our spouses help us out tremendously."

The Penitent Souls hold annual fundraisers in August at the Hughesville Fairgrounds.

Most recently, Phillips said, "We helped out the Trevitz children who lost everything when their home was destroyed by a fire on Broadway Street in Milton. This was a family with children and we felt like we could be of some help."

Over the past decade, Phillips estimated that they had helped more than a hundred children.

Phillips, an ex-Marine, said helping kids has become a mission. "It's been a good ride, 12 years of helping kids in need. If it wasn't for all our club brothers and sisters we couldn't reach the level of help that we do."

Phillips is already planning for next summer's fundraiser. "It takes time to organize all our resources, the live auction, music concerts, food vendors, and a craft show. It's a work in progress."

For more information about the Penitent Souls MC, reach out to The club is on Facebook: Penitent Souls MC.