Motorcyclist killed after hitting fire hose in West Oak Lane

A motorcyclist is dead following a crash at the scene of a house fire in the West Oak Lane section of Philadelphia.

Video Transcript

- Overnight crews responding to a fire at a home in the West Oak Lane neighborhood of Philadelphia. It happened in the 6700 block of North Carlisle Street at about 3:00 o'clock this morning. Firefighters say this fire started in the kitchen and then quickly spread to the second floor.

No one was at home at the time of the fire, but at that same fire scene there in West Oak Lane, police say a motorcycle rider died after running over a fire hose. Officers say that hose was stretched across Broad Street during this fire. That's when they say that motorcyclist ran over it, which threw him more than 300 feet. Officers say the victim died there at the scene. That incident is still under investigation.