Motorcyclist’s viral video shows him driving 150 mph, cops say. Now there’s a warrant

A video went viral on YouTube showing a man speeding down a Colorado highway on a motorcycle, police said.

Now, there’s a warrant out for his arrest, according to a news release by Colorado State Patrol.

The 32-year-old Texas man in the video that went viral in September was traveling at over 150 miles per hour from Colorado Springs to Denver, officers said.

Troopers said he was “squeezing through small gaps in between” cars and made the 70 mile trip north in 20 minutes.

The man is accused of posting similar videos in other parts of the country, driving in a similar way, police said.

After investigating and with the help of the Dallas Police Department, the El Paso County District Attorney’s Office and Colorado State Patrol, an arrest warrant was issued on charges of menacing, reckless endangerment and reckless driving, among other charges.

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