What should motorist do during a tire blow out?

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Jul. 16—Question: In the summertime I notice a lot more tire tread marks on the roads. Can you write about what to do if you have a tire blow out while driving?

Answer: It is important to monitor proper tire pressure and your tire condition, and hopefully you can avoid a tire blow out. In the warmer months the hot air can cause your tires to increase pressure while the colder months can cause the air in your tires to condense, lowering the tire pressure.

If you do have a tire blow out, here are a few tips to keep yourself safe and minimize damage:

—Hold onto the steering wheel. Maintain control of the vehicle and avoid going into other lanes of traffic or opposing traffic.

—Keep your foot on the gas to maintain control. Once you have regained control, reduce speed. Your instincts will want you to brake, but this can change the vehicle dynamics quickly that can cause you to lose control.

—Keep your forward momentum. Keep the vehicle moving in a straight line as possible.

—Allow the vehicle to slow down gradually. Take your foot off the gas and avoid the brakes; let your vehicle slow down naturally. Once your vehicle starts to slow down it will be easier to control.

—Activate your hazard lights and move onto the shoulder.

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