Mountain Lion Prowls Around Hollywood Home

Home security footage captured a mountain lion lurking around a Hollywood home on the night of January 4.

Homeowner Leilani Fideler told Storyful she was greatly surprised when she checked her cameras after receiving a motion censor alert.

“I couldn’t believe what I had just seen – a long lion’s tail passing through my side yard!” she said. “I immediately reviewed my other security cameras that are set up in different locations around my property and found that a mountain lion had jumped my gate, roamed my front deck and jumped onto my side gate. It was so thrilling to watch!”

Fideler, who was not at home at the time, said she noticed a tracking collar around the big cat’s neck. She concluded the cougar was P-22, a 13-year-old male known to roam the area. Storyful could not independently confirm the identity of the mountain lion.

“I had never heard of P-22 the Griffith Park mountain lion resident before this event,” Fideler said, adding that she believed the cougar came looking for a raccoon family that visited about an hour earlier. Credit: Leilani Fideler via Storyful

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