Mountain Lion Sniffs Around Security Camera at Colorado Home

Two mountain lions were caught on camera snooping around a home in Estes Park, Colorado, recently shared security camera footage shows.

Christine Fisherkeller, who posted the video in a local Facebook group on December 13, told Storyful she has seven cameras positioned around her home and has previously captured rabbits, raccoons, deer, coyotes, bears, and elk on film.

Fisherkeller’s video shows two mountain lions prowl around her Estes Park property. At one point, one of the cougars is seen curiously sniffing at one of her cameras.

“It was really neat to see the one mountain lion check out and sniff one of the cameras. We definitely felt a mixture of fascination and fear to see the newest felines on our property,” she said. Credit: Christine Fisherkeller via Storyful

Video Transcript