Woodbridge police warn of reports that a mountain lion was spotted there

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A mountain lion was reportedly spotted last week in Woodbridge, according to police.

The cat was spotted Friday in the areas of Salem Road and Pease Road. At one point, a family spotted the mountain lion in their backyard not far from their home, according to a statement issued by the Woodbridge Police Department.

Police published a list of what to do to stay safe if they run into a mountain lion:

1. Be mindful of small pets and small children wandering too far away from your sight line.

2. Do not approach. Give it space to turn around without feeling threatened to get away from you and your family.

3. Make yourself big. Do not bend, squat, or sit down. Arms over your head with a jacket or sweatshirt.

4. Don’t run. This can trigger a chase. Stay facing the big cat and try not to turn your back to it.

5. Make noise. Be as loud as you can, paired with being as big as you can.

6. Fight back. If it really comes down to it, do what you have to do to deter it from following you. Throw rocks, sticks, etc. to scare it off.

The department said the sightings were reported to the state Department of Energy and Environmental Protection.