Mountain wildfire is 2nd largest ever in Colorado

A Colorado wildfire that exploded overnight Wednesday, forced nearby evacuations and closed Rocky Mountain National Park has become the second largest fire in state history. (Oct. 23)

Video Transcript

NOEL LIVINGSTON: What we saw was active flanking, ground fire activity in-- in timber stands, heavy bug kill, heavy fuels in that-- in that area. We saw significant growth pretty much up to the county line as the fire moved north. The primary fire spread, [? being ?] to the east. But as it [? flagged ?] it, it continued to grind to the north, so very active. And this put up a lot of the smoke that was visible on portions of the fire, particularly through the afternoon, and the large columns that-- that were visible particularly from the south.

BRETT SCHROETLIN: It's very, very tough to get an assessment. And literally as I hear radio traffic, as I'm coming in here from my crews in the field, an area that we thought was pretty good the other day, we're now seeing fire in-- and so fires close to houses, fires close to our roadways. I really want to make that message really as a primary message to our community, is that we're not withholding information. We're not trying to delay information getting out there. We don't know. I've been through many of these areas up in there, and things change every pass through that I go.