Mountains of syringes and medicines: "hospital" that the Russians set up in a school is found in Izium

Yana Osadcha journalist

In Ukrainian-liberated Izium, Kyiv Oblast forensic police officers have discovered a former "hospital" which the Russians had set up in a school gym.

This was reported by the Kyiv Oblast police.

During an inspection of the liberated territory, criminologists entered the school, which the Russians had used to locate a command post and an improvised soldiers' medical unit.

"In the sports hall where children used to exercise, enemy troops set up a field hospital, where they left mountains of syringes and medicines," the police say.


The catering department at the school where the Russians were based


Someone forgot their trousers


Russian troops set up a field hospital in the gymnasium


The police continue to detect and record the occupiers’ war crimes

In the liberated territories in the north of Kharkiv Oblast, sappers of the National Guard continue to clear roads, roadsides, residential buildings, state and public institutions, schools and kindergartens.

A sapper was killed while clearing a school in Makarivka. There were mines everywhere – in doors, windows, classrooms, and the children’s playground.

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