Mourners tearful as Queen’s coffin passes

STORY: As the procession continued its journey to St Giles' Cathedral, people who had gathered to pay their respects were tearful and emotional. Many of them who said they had lost family members of their own mourned the loss.

"You can't help but think of people that you've lost. I had a mother and father that were the same age and I lost them two years ago, so, lots of other unrelated emotions come out too,” said mourner Ellen Brennan, who had come to watch the procession.

“I just feel for her children. I've lost both my parents, not easy. But when you're in the limelight like they are and you don't have time to grieve privately, quietly - very hard, very hard," said Audrey Loy, another mourner.

Jodie Gourlay embraced her grandmother Veronika for comfort.

“I found her such an inspiration. I'd love to be half the woman she was some day," Gourlay said.

The coffin will lie in St Giles' Cathedral for an overnight vigil before being flown to London on Tuesday (September 13).