The movie 'Clouds' began with a promise

The new movie "Clouds," directed by Justin Baldoni, is based on the real story of Zach Sobiech, a singer-songwriter who died at 18-years-old in 2013. When he learned he was terminally ill, Sobiech began writing songs as a farewell to his friends and family. One of those songs was "Clouds," which went viral. Seven years after his death, the song is now No. 1 on iTunes. (Oct. 19)

Video Transcript

- Here's the thing. I like you. I know your diagnosis complicates things, but I don't care.

JUSTIN BALDONI: Zach and I became very close, and he became like a little brother to me. The whole family and I became very close. When he died, it was like losing a family member, because I had spent so much time trying to get his documentary right and get his story out to the world, because I just knew that his story could do so much good, even back then. And his song and his music was so beautiful and simple and touching.

So after he passed away-- actually just before he passed away, I was FaceTiming with him and Amy, and I made a promise to him that I would do whatever I could to make sure that his story was heard.

I think we spend our lives forgetting. Zach helps me remember. I think about Zach, and if I'm, like, in a stupid argument with my wife, he'll pop into my head, and I'll be like, I'm sorry. And it helps me apologize faster. If I haven't connected with somebody that I'm thinking about, instead of just thinking about them, it helps me pick up the phone and call them. It doesn't make me perfect. It makes me far from perfect. But it just helps me come back faster.

And that's what I hope people also get from this movie, from this experience of getting to know him and watch his story. I hope Zach can, like, implant it in people's brains or in their hearts, and just help them remember what actually matters in life.

- I'm a fighter.