Movie hater uses Molotov cocktail in Walmart after torching theater, Iowa cops say

Chacour Koop

An arsonist who thinks films are “ruining the world” set fire to a movie theater and the movie aisle of a Walmart in Iowa, media outlets report.

Alejandro Vargas Lopez, 21, is accused of stealing diesel fuel from a hardware store and going to the movie theater in Storm Lake, Iowa on Saturday, KICD reported. There, he lit up a movie screen and seat in an empty auditorium of the Vista 3 Theater, the radio station reported.

Then Lopez left the theater and went to a Walmart, where he built a Molotov cocktail using children’s clothing and a bottle of alcohol, KTIV reported. He ignited it in the movie section, according to the TV station. He also unrolled paper towels, spread them across shelves in the movie aisle and tried to light them on fire, according to KTIV.

However, employees quickly doused the blaze, KMEG reported.

When he was arrested, Lopez is accused of spitting in a cop’s face, KICD reported.

During the investigation, Vargas said that movies are “ruining the world,” KMEG reported. The damage at the theater was estimated at $5,500, while the fire at the Walmart caused only about $30 in damage, KMEG reported.

Lopez was charged with arson, criminal mischief, and assault on a police officer, KTIV reported.

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