MPD Chief Arradondo, Mayor Frey Push To Reopen 38th And Chicago, Won’t Reveal Timeline

Minneapolis Police will not discuss a timeline when it comes to the reopening of the intersection at 38th and Chicago, Reg Chapman reports (). WCCO 4 News At 5 - March 18, 2021

Video Transcript

REG CHAPMAN: The barricades will be removed, and the flow of traffic returned, to the intersection of 38th and Chicago.

MEDARIA ARRADONDO: The best public safety remedy right now is to open up and get that intersection flowing again.

REG CHAPMAN: Minneapolis's chief of police and mayor both agree the violence needs to end and peace, along with a memorial to George Floyd, must remain.

JACOB FREY: We're evaluating that timeline every single day, and ensuring that we have the right resources on the ground and ready to be put into action, in order to ensure safety at this intersection and a continued place of racial justice and healing.

REG CHAPMAN: What is not talked about is when and how the reopening of 38th and Chicago will happen.

JACOB FREY: That decision, I believe, heavily rests on the chief. I trust expertise. I believe in the expertise of Chief Arradondo. He and I have been lockstep throughout.

REG CHAPMAN: MPD says the lack of information is for public safety. The chief doesn't want to give notice to the people responsible for the violence.

MEDARIA ARRADONDO: Many of the community voices have said, every day that that intersection stays closed, they are feeling more harm. They are feeling more stress. Their anxiety levels are going up. And so from a wellness and a health standpoint, we also have to open up that intersection.

REG CHAPMAN: Previously Mayor Frey says that the intersection of 38th and Chicago would not be reopened until Derek Chauvin's trial was over. But because of the uptick in violence, he says that timeline has changed.

MEDARIA ARRADONDO: We are not going to let the trial dictate when it's the right time to safely open up that intersection. And so we are not-- the plans that I will be presenting to Mayor Frey will not be based upon the trial timeline.

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MEDARIA ARRADONDO: It's going to be based on a public safety meeting.

REG CHAPMAN: Reg Chapman, WCCO 4 News.