MRKT Stores Using 'Just Walk Out' Technology Open At TD Garden

The MRKT stores use Amazon's "Just Walk Out" technology.

Video Transcript

- Two stores at the TD Garden where you can walk in, pick something up, and then walk out, and that's OK. The MRKT Stores or Market Stores use Amazon's Just Walk Out technology. Customers use their credit card to get inside. Then the technology detects when items are taken or returned from shelves. And a virtual cart keeps track of it all. When customers leave the store with their items, they're automatically charged.

TIM TOWNSELL: It's very fast. It's frictionless. It's checkout free. No required human interaction and variety. They can choose from literally dozens of snack options and even more beverage options.

- So there are employees inside if a customer needs help. But the MRKT Stores are on levels 4 and 7 of the Garden. [INAUDIBLE] pretty cool. Paula.

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