Ms. Biscuit, legendary Chicago breakfast spot reopens after 2 years with help from South Side community

After being shuttered for more than a year, the South Side eatery, popular with politicians and Chicagoans is back.

Video Transcript

EVELYN HOLMES: Today, Dylan Reeves made good on the promise he made to his aunt, to keep open the doors of the Ms. Biscuit breakfast restaurant she founded nearly 50 years ago.

DYLAN REEVES: African Americans know how to survive. I mean, we have moved this, moved that, stop doing this, stop doing that, in order to bring it together and make it happen.

EVELYN HOLMES: After being shuttered for more than a year, the South Side eatery, popular with politicians and regular people, is back.

NORMAN WHITENHILL: It's been missed. You know, this past year has not been easy for all of us, but it's good looking forward to coming back.

- We have eggs. They only come one way, scrambled.

EVELYN HOLMES: The restaurant owners say their troubles began just before the pandemic, and only got worse after they were denied a PPP loan.

NIKIA REEVES: It's been really tough. With servicing in the community for so long and just closing the doors suddenly, it really took a toll on us.

EVELYN HOLMES: But with the support of the community and others, the restaurant is back. The family held a fundraiser Saturday serving free breakfast of sausage, hash browns, grits, eggs, toast, and pancakes, and even hiring new staff as a way of saying thank you to the neighborhood.

- I'm glad that something like this is going on.

EVELYN HOLMES: And so is the head of the Washington Park Chamber of Commerce, who says the impact of the restaurant closing was devastating.

DONNA HAMPTON-SMITH: Our Black businesses are important in our community. Our kids need to see Black business owners. And so, the people need to be here to support them.

JEFF MCSHANE: Well, I'm glad these guys are reopening. I really appreciate it, and I love this restaurant.

EVELYN HOLMES: The Reeves family says they hope that this new chapter will be the start of a bright future. Ms. Biscuit officially reopens next week.