MSNBC's Joe Scarborough On Trump: He 'Isn’t Going To Win Re-election'

Jenna Amatulli

“Morning Joe” host Joe Scarborough made a bold statement on Monday morning, saying President Donald Trump “isn’t going to win re-election” in 2020.

Scarborough said the 2018 midterm results were “clarifying” and indicated the importance of suburban voters. If those suburban voters who leaned Democrat in the 2018 elections continue doing so, the MSNBC host said, that could lead to a huge problem for Republicans in 2020.

Scarborough called the suburbs “a bedrock constituency of Republicans over the past 20 years” and said that “the only way Republicans win presidential elections is by winning the suburbs.”

“Donald Trump actually proved that by doing better in the suburbs of Philadelphia two years ago, but I don’t think I’m killing Hamlet in the first act to say: He’s not going to do that well in the suburbs of Philly in 2020. He’s not going to do as well in Wisconsin as he did in 2016. He’s not going to do as well in some of these swing areas as he did in 2016, unless he radically changes,” Scarborough said.