MSNBC/Washington Post Debate: Democrats Will Battle Over These Important Economic Issues

Bryan Keogh, Nicole Zelniker

The top candidates vying to be the Democratic presidential nominee in 2020 will soon take the stage in Atlanta for their fifth televised debate.

With 10 people and only two hours to discuss dozens of complicated issues, viewers may have a hard time keeping up as candidates wade into the weeds of their pet policy proposals.

Fortunately, our scholars – who have written dozens of articles on the key issues of the 2020 Democratic primary campaign, as well as quite a few obscure ones – have you covered.

Here are three economic issues almost certain to come up in the Nov. 20 debate, along with a story from our archive that provides some context to help you evaluate what the candidates say.

Health Care’s High Price

Voters say health care is the top issue heading into 2020 – especially among Democrats. So it’s hardly a surprise that the topic has dominated the last four debates and will almost certainly be a hot topic tonight.

Several of the Democratic candidates, such as Senators Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders, are proposing wholesale changes to the U.S. system of health care. How to pay for “Medicare for All” – without raising taxes on the middle class – has been a sticking point for the more ambitious plans.

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