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Mt. Oliver Mayor-Elect Looks To Tackle Problem Of Violence

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It’s a small borough nestled in the middle of Pittsburgh’s city neighborhoods, but Mt. Oliver comes with its own set of challenges; KDKA's Nicole Ford reports.

Video Transcript

- County police are talking with the district attorney's office about whether charges should be filed in an attempted home invasion. That crime in Mount Oliver this morning put one man in the hospital with a gunshot wound. Nicole Ford's live with how residents hope crime will soon stop in their community, Nicole.

- Christine, frustration was mounting with the Mount Oliver Residence we spoke to this afternoon about this ongoing violence. While this morning's shooting was contained to one apartment complex, that's not always the case. And the people who live there are looking to new leadership for change.

It's a small borough nestled in the middle of Pittsburgh City neighborhoods.

- That's had such a long history of being its own entity.

- But it also comes with some challenges.

- There's problems here. There's things that we need to look at. And we need to say, what can we do differently to make certain changes. And that's part of why a big part of why I wanted to run for mayor.

- Joanna Taylor is the new mayor elect for Mount Oliver. We sat down with her just hours after neighbors said they were sick of the violence and turning to the new leadership for help. Just this morning, a man allegedly tried breaking into his ex-girlfriends apartment on Ormsby Avenue. County Police say he was shot by another man in the house. So where do you start?

- We don't have a fully staffed police force. We're missing several officers that we could have on the force. I know for a fact that they're actively trying to fill those spots.

- With more manpower, Taylor hopes to bring more resources with new grant funding and allow officers more time to connect with the residents.

- They want to and they have been trying to communicate more with the residents and build relationships with the community. And that's what I want to really support and where can we find more ways to have the police present in a way that builds a relationship.

- It's this type of change. Residents tell me they want, and the ability to feel safe at home again.

- They have great ideas. They want to move us to the next level where we can get out of you know, be known for violence and crime, and more negative stereotypes that we have here and show who we really are.

- Taylor tells me she knows these projects will take time as well as a team effort from the community. As for this morning's shootings, County detectives tell me it was an isolated incident. And they are talking with the district attorney's office to determine if charges will be filed. Reporting live in Green tree outside Allegheny County Police, headquarters, Nicole Ford, KDKA News.