MTA bridge, tunnel toll hikes in effect Sunday

Starting Sunday tolls for E-ZPass drivers will go from $6.12 to $6.55. Those who pay their tolls by mail will see a hike from $9.50 to $10.17.

Video Transcript

- Happening Today, it costs more to use MTA bridges and tunnels if you pay by mail. The toll is going up from $9.50 to $10.17. It is less expensive for E-ZPass drivers, but the toll is still going from $6.12 to $6.55, and if your E-ZPASS transponder somehow is mounted incorrectly on your windshield, check that. Or if you're one of those who pulls it out and holds it up at the last second as you go through the toll, watch out, because you will pay a penalty. That toll will be $8.36.