MTA Bus Removed From Building 4 Days After Crash

A lot of work had to be done beforehand to prevent the building from potentially collapsing when the bus was removed. CBS2's Jenna DeAngelis reports.

Video Transcript

- Four days after an MTA bus barreled into the side of a Brooklyn brownstone, it is finally being moved today. That city bus has been lodged inside the building since Monday while crews made sure removing it was safe. "CBS 2's" Jenna DeAngelis is live in Prospect Lefferts Gardens with an update for us now. Jenna.

JENNA DEANGELIS: Well Mary, at one point we did hear what sounded like debris falling, but the building, as you can see behind me, did not collapse. And there were people cheering as the MTA pulled the bus from the building here behind me. The MTA brought in a giant Mack truck to pull the bus from the Lincoln Road brownstone very slowly. People got close to the bus to see the damage, the front crushed and the windshield shattered.

This following a chaotic scene captured on camera inside the MTA bus Monday afternoon. The driver appeared to lose control and veer into oncoming traffic. The union representing the driver says the 14-year veteran with an exemplary record got up to change the buses run number. When he sat back down and released the emergency brake, the bus lunged forward. The MTA described the surveillance video as disturbing and said it quote, "raises questions about whether basic safety rules were followed." The agency said Monday, "no apparent mechanical issues were found."

The bus finally removed today with a crowd standing by to take it all in.

JORDAN THOMPSON: Quite a scene. I can't help but think most people are here because they want to see if the building falls down.

SUSAN HEMLEY: Well it's not every day that you see a bus in a house, and then also, you know, some of us are interested in sort of the technical part of it. Like, how are they going to get this bus out of this house without it collapsing?

JENNA DEANGELIS: The Department of Buildings says contractors installed shoring beforehand to prevent a complete collapse of the front of the building. 16 people were hurt in the crash, including the driver, but none seriously injured. And now the next step is figuring out if this building behind us can be repaired. We're live in Prospect Lefferts Gardens Brooklyn. Jenna DeAngelis. "CBS 2 News."

- Jenna, thank you. Well