MTV ‘Challenge’ star Kam Williams praises cast diversity

Reality TV star Kam Williams praises “The Challenge” for its diverse cast in its latest season. She also describes how the MTV show created a bubble for cast and crew while filming in Iceland during the COVID-19 pandemic. (Dec. 16)

Video Transcript

TJ LAVIN: Those of you that make it all the way to the end, I've created a secret dead drop somewhere out in the frozen abyss that contains $1 million.


- I liked $1 million.

KAM WILLIAMS: I'm coming for you, all seven digits. I want my bank account looking like a phone number by the end of this season.

Like from what I've seen within my very short time of being here, like, I feel like the Black people are always the first to go, and I'm not OK with that. And looking at this cast, this is the most diverse "The Challenge" cast has ever been in the history. In 36 seasons of the show, this season is the most diverse cast. So I'm looking around like, one of us got to win. I'm like, this might be the chance for somebody that looks like me to win, somebody that is just like me that wears wigs, that got 4C hair. Like, I'm thinking somebody like me is going to win, and that's what I'm fighting for because I have not ever seen that representation on "The Challenge."

I feel like when it normally comes to Black women, sometimes in reality TV, sometimes we can be portrayed in a negative light. Sometimes we don't get portrayed as being educated or smart or classy. And in reality, it's a lot of us out here that are like that. We're not just all about fighting and yelling and screaming. Like, that's not what we're about. It's a lot of other girls like myself, and that's who I try to represent.

[INAUDIBLE] safest route, throw people in that don't have no ties with nobody. It's better than sacrificing one of us.

While in Iceland, we were all kept in a bubble, pretty much. So production-- it was way less production in the cast house and just in general than there has ever been. You know, we did not see a lot of production like we normally do.

We got COVID tested three times a week. Oh my gosh. I'm waking up to the little swabs in my nose. I'm like, I'm not even sick. But they're like, listen, we have to make sure everybody is safe. Even as isolated as we were, they definitely made sure that cast and crew took the necessary precautions to keep us all healthy and safe.