AccuWeather: Chilly wind

Here are the latest snowfall totals from around New York City and the Tri-State area.

Video Transcript

- --and begin with chief meteorologist Lee Goldberg, with the very latest on the forecast and where we are in this storm. Lee.

LEE GOLDBERG: Well, a quick scan of our reporters and you can see. Visibility is better, and we're not seeing precipitation come down hard anymore. So we surely have halfway-- we're only halfway through the storm, but the thing is, we've now finished an important phase of the storm, the heaviest snow and sleet. So we're 28 right now, a couple of snow showers around. But the heaviest snow and sleet of the storm has actually moved out. We'll still see additional accumulation, but it'll be from lighter snows and sleet and a little freezing rain along the coast. And that's going to linger all through late tomorrow.

So travel still very difficult into this evening because there'll be additional slick coatings, and especially into tomorrow morning. Look at some of these amounts. Howell, New Jersey, three inches. But about 10 miles north in East Eatontown, eight and 1/2 inches. There was a belt of very heavy snow through central New Jersey. You see Elmhurst, Queens, coming in around four inches. Hawthorne, New Jersey, about three inches. Carle Place at about four inches, and Hawthorne, New York, coming in at around four inches of snow. In Dutchess County, lower totals. But Armonk in Westchester, five inches, and Norwalk, about four and 1/2 inches.

Yes, the heaviest has moved offshore. Lighter snows continue to move in. Still a little steady over parts of Dutchess County. And this is what we're going to see, more intermittent snow and mix. There's still a low here in the gulf that has to come right off our coastline tomorrow morning, so there probably will be one more surge of steady snow. And I'll show you exactly when that is. It's not during the evening hours. Things are kind of getting intermittent, but late tonight, and this could impact tomorrow morning's commute. The snow gets a little steadier. Not at the rates we saw this morning, but it gets steady enough that it drops additional coatings before finally winding down late tomorrow.

So in terms of snow totals, I think we could get a coating to maybe an additional one to three across the area. And that would get us into our totals of five to nine inches. A lot of this has already fallen, obviously. And especially in this area, with seven to nine across central New Jersey, a lot of that has fallen. But this is the additional, from now until about Friday at 6:00. Anywhere from a coating south to three inches north.

The idea is avoid travel. Yes, roads are improving, but they're still very slippery. Told you about the additional coatings, the storm finally winds down around this time tomorrow into early evening. Much more on this storm, your seven-day AccuWeather forecast in just a few minutes. Dave and Liz?