Warm and muggy Sunday before front rolls in to start the week

Warm and muggy conditions continue across Houston Sunday ahead of a weak front that's expected to blow through soon.

Video Transcript

KEVIN ROTH: Good morning, everyone, and Happy Saturday to you. I'm meteorologist Kevin Roth. It is going to be a warm one. And already, it's a muggy, warm start. Those clouds that we're seeing early, those are going to stick around. Some of that patchy fog will gradually lift and break up, except for our coastal communities. But despite the fact that we're going to deal with cloud cover all day, we're still looking at a high today of 81 degrees in Houston. It is certainly going to be a warm day. And farther to the north and west, temperatures could be even warmer than that.

Highs tomorrow warmer still. I've got 82 degrees as the high on Sunday, well above our averages. Again, it's going to be a cloudy day, a gloomy day, a muggy day. But these strong southerly winds just drawing up that Gulf moisture are going to keep the temperatures warm. This morning, it's already warm and it's only going gradually up from there. And as I mentioned, that is despite the cloud cover and a chance for a few showers today. Not looking at widespread rain, but a few isolated showers are possible.

That is also the case on Sunday. Those rain chances may be just a bit higher on Sunday, especially areas farther north. But it's late Sunday and into Monday when things really start to change. That's when a cold front moves through on Monday. Back behind that, we do still have enough lift to bring us some rain. So much better chances for rain on Monday. Still likely seeing some showers early on Tuesday before that finally clears out.

Here's what it looks like in the 10-day forecast. 81, 82, and then the temperatures start to fall as that front moves in. 73 your high on Monday. We're back down in the 60s on Tuesday. I mentioned some showers still lingering there on Tuesday. And then Wednesday and Thursday, we dry out, bringing back in rain chances here on Friday by the end of the week.

I'm meteorologist Kevin Roth and that's a look at your one-minute weather update.