Multi-car Accident Causes Traffic On 118 Freeway In Mission Hills

A multi-car accident on the 118 eastbound at the 405 in Mission Hills is causing traffic. It appears that nobody was seriously injured.

Video Transcript

PAT HARVEY: Now, a crash backing up traffic on the 118 in Mission Hill. Let's get right up to Desmond Shaw in Sky2. Des. Oh--

DESMOND SHAW: Yeah, Pat. Pretty nasty one here. Incredibly it doesn't appear that anyone was seriously injured though in this crash in Mission Hills, eastbound 118, right at the 405. Where you see the fire department and tow trucks trying to make some work of this now. That black pickup truck in the middle was actually overturned. It just got upright. It was also full of a bunch of dirt gravel but that's all that's been swept up. Still you can see only one lane of traffic is open on this eastbound 118 right there at the 405. So a really nasty drive as you had eastbound coming out of Granada Hills Gonna put my traffic hat on for you, Pat and tell you to take Renaldi Boulevard, if you're headed towards Pacoima instead. Live at Sky2 overhead, I'm Desmond Shaw. Pat, back to you in the studio.

PAT HARVEY: All right. Thanks so much, Desmond. Now back in business. The city