This Multi-Room Swiss-Style Tiny Chalet Is Available On Amazon

Mara Santilli
Photo credit: Courtesy

From Women's Health

Get ready, because you're about to take the equivalent to an adventurous mountain getaway right in your own backyard. We found a DIY tiny house that might persuade you to leave your regular home and post up in your mini guest house for a long weekend. It’s like a Swiss-style cozy ski cabin that you can stay in without actually having to do the skiing.

As tiny as the Allwood Timberline house is, there are quite a few separate rooms that will give guests optimal personal space. First, on the 354-square-foot main level, there’s a little sitting room in the foyer, perfect for lounging and reading your favorite motivational book. Then, once you enter the main part of the house, you can create a little combo dining-living room that can comfortably fit both a sofa and a kitchen table for four.

Off the main room, there’s a small bathroom and bedroom. And above that, there’s a 129-square-foot lofted bedroom to sleep a couple more guests. (Amazon's listing shows twin futons facing each other for fun sleepovers in the little cabin’s loft).

The porch out front is a quaint addition, where you can put a little wood table and chairs out there to sip your coffee, have a healthy breakfast, and ponder life's big questions on warmer mornings.

This picturesque, slanted-roof guest cabin does come at a price. And that price is *holds breath* $34,900. But think about it: If you have frequent out-of-town family members or pals visiting, you’re saving by not having to put them up in a hotel every time. Plus, they have their own space to unwind and feel at home.

Building this tiny home would be the cutest, coziest addition to your yard. Maybe start saving up now in a special “cabin fund”?

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