Multiple Arrests Made In Large-Scale Operation In Fair Park Area Of Dallas To Address Violent Crime

The FBI, Dallas Police Department and other law enforcement agencies announced a large-scale operation in the Fair Park area of Dallas that led to multiple arrests in an effort to address rising violent crime.

Video Transcript

- Federal agents in Dallas police announced a major operation targeting violent criminals in Dallas. Jack Fink is live for us at Dallas FBI headquarters with that story. Jack.

JACK FINK: Well, Ken, the FBI says its investigation began in late 2019 and resulted today in more than 400 law enforcement officers, not just from North Texas, but from across the country taking part in this operation. The head of the Dallas FBI and Dallas's Police Chiefs say they targeted the area in and around Fair Park and Dallas. We're talking about gangs and drugs. But specifics of how many people were arrested and the charges they will face will come out tomorrow when court documents are unsealed.

The head of the Dallas ATF says, this is the most dangerous area in all of North Texas at least when it comes to gun crimes. Now, when the Fair Park area Chief Eddie Garcia says, the number of aggravated assaults has increased from 315 in 2018 to 485 last year. And the number of murders has also gone up from 10 in 2018 to 23 last year, which marked 10% of the city's murders. He and the head of the Dallas FBI say this marked a new level of cooperation between the agencies and the effort to reduce violent crime.

- I think this case really highlights very direct coordination at the investigator, you know, DPD, detective, FBI and agent level to work and identify the most or one of the most violent parts of the city.

JACK FINK: Now, Chief Garcia says these partnerships really do help combat violent crime. And the feds say, their message is very simple. They are watching violent criminals and taking action to take them off the streets. Live in Dallas, Jack Fink, CBS11 News.