Multiple chances for needed rainfall this week

Two cool fronts colliding with Gulf moisture will bring multiple chances for rainfall this week.

Video Transcript

TRAVIS HERZOG: There's multiple chances for rain this week and it's rain we really could use. I'm chief meteorologist Travis Herzog with your one minute weather forecast.

A weak front will stall out in Southeast Texas Tuesday, get a push out into the Gulf on Wednesday, that brings our first round of potential rainfall. And then another front rolls in here Friday into early Saturday morning, bringing another opportunity for the rain that we need to help reverse the building drought. Now, it could rain any time Tuesday, but in the morning, it would be showers, in the afternoon, we could get some thunderstorms.

In Houston, we'll start off in the upper 60s and warm into the mid 80s, but communities Northwest may not get out of the 70s. It all depends on where you are in relation to the front. If you're South of the front, like in Tomball, you warm to the mid 80s, but to the North, like in Huntsville, Brenham, College Station, you're looking for highs in the low 70s.

Now, rewind back to 6:00 AM. As that weak front is stalling out, we see a lot of moisture running up to it to bring a 30% chance of morning showers that blossom into thunderstorms as we get into the afternoon. And one or two of those thunderstorms could potentially turn severe, with quarter sized hail and 60 mile per hour wind gust. That front will continue to wobble around Southeast Texas into Tuesday night, but sometime early Wednesday it gets a kick to the South as a cool front and that brings one more round of thunderstorms before things start to dry out a bit on Thursday.

It will be pretty sticky for most of us on Tuesday. And then on Wednesday, that high gets capped at 80 as the front comes through earlier in the day. We'll feel a little cooler on Thursday as the atmosphere reloads for the next round of showers and thunderstorms. The front arriving Friday night drops our highs to near 70 this weekend with lows into the 50s for several days, going all the way into next week.

Overall, next week looks drier. This is the week, the best one in a while we've had for some opportunities to get a little bit of rainfall. I hope you enjoy the Tuesday ahead and we'll keep watching the weather for you.