Multiple fire departments fight flames overnight in Gary

At least a dozen fire departments fought structural fires across Gary, according to the Highland Fire Department.

Video Transcript

JESSE KIRSCH: Good morning, Stacey. The Hyaline Fire Department on its Facebook page saying at least a dozen different fire departments were on the scene in Gary overnight because of multiple structure fires. You can see what's left of one of them behind us here. This is a home that was already boarded up, and you can see the back of this roof caved in completely, charred away.

Now, I want to show you some video from overnight. You can see sizable flames at other scenes. Again, another boarded up structure being shown on that video. The "Northwest Indiana Times" saying that there was arson suspected, reportedly, in earlier fires this week, and now we are seeing multiple fires overnight here.

I just spoke with someone from the Gary Fire Department. He said, he didn't have any information he could share at this point about if these incidents are all related, how many fires there were overnight. But someone from a board up company who said he's been in the area overnight said, he saw multiple fires throughout the area, and there wasn't anything to be boarded up in certain parts of town because he said certain structures had completely crumbled to the ground.

Again, we have very little information at this point, but we do know from the Hyaline Fire Department that at least a dozen fire departments were on the scene here at some point overnight. They put that post on their website at 1:00 AM. They had an engine company here. The Gary Fire Department, literally just in the last couple of seconds, completely packed up and left the scene here.

So, we're just left with this charred out, boarded up building behind us here, one of what we're told are multiple scenes throughout Gary. We're working to get more information from the fire department and the police department here. When we have it, we'll bring it to you. Stacey, Mark, back to you.

STACEY BACA: All right, clearly still developing. Thank you very much, Jesse.