Multiple injuries reported in London stabbing incident

Jacob Lambert

The London Ambulance Service declared a "major incident" on Friday at London Bridge, where multiple people were stabbed by a suspect wearing a "hoax explosive device" who was subsequently shot and killed by police, CNN reports. On Twitter, London's Metropolitan Police Service said that "as a precaution, we are currently responding to this incident as though it is terror-related."

The chaotic scene unfolded around 1:58 PM, with one nearby worker telling CNN of hearing "more than five" gunshots in the area of the iconic bridge, and another saying, "A colleague out for lunch messaged to say there'd been an incident ... I went straight to the window and saw hundreds of people running off the bridge." On Twitter, U.K. Prime Minister Boris Johnson said, "I'm being kept updated on the incident at London Bridge and want to thank the police and all emergency services for their immediate response."

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