Multiple People Stabbed In Exposition Park

The motive of the stabbings is still unclear.

Video Transcript

JUAN FERNANDEZ: Live in Exposition Park, where there's been multiple stabbings.

SUZIE SUH: Desmond Shaw is live over the scene in Sky 9 to tell us more now. Desmond?

DESMOND SHAW: Suzie and Juan, we're at the corner of 43rd and Vermont. You can see L.A. City Fire and LAPD working this.

It sounds like multiple people have been stabbed. At least two or three people have been transported to the hospital in unknown condition. We believe that one of those victims is a child. It's unclear how young that child is and, again, what their condition is.

But we just saw two ambulances rush away from the scene and two more just arrive. So the corner of 43rd and Vermont where this is all taking place. One suspect is in custody in relation to the stabbing.

Live in Sky 9 overhead, I'm Desmond Shaw. Juan and Suzie, back to you in the studio.

JUAN FERNANDEZ: All right, Desmond. Thanks for that report.

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