Multiple shelters open to help fight the freeze

OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) — The brutal and dangerous cold temperatures are still in the state.

At least 14 people were sent to the hospital this weekend due to the cold weather. Shelters in the Oklahoma City metro are working hard to keep people warm and out of the cold.

On a normal day, the City Rescue Mission houses 25 men and 25 women, in addition to families.

With the cold, their numbers are higher with 85 men, 30 women, and 7 families keeping warm inside these walls.

“It’s a lot and definitely puts a lot on our case managers, but we’re so happy that they showed up and that they didn’t try to stay on the streets because it was so horribly cold this weekend,” said Wendy Elliott with the City Rescue Mission.

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As the snow is still here and the cold temperatures will stay for a little bit, other shelters in town are also open for people to stay warm.

“We would really encourage them to, you know, come here. Go to the Homeless Alliance, go to City Care. If they’re a teen or early twenties, go to Sisu, go to Pivot, the Salvation Army. There’s so many in the network,” said Elliott.

Ultimately Elliott said she wants to try and help as many people as they can.

In the metro, EMSA reported 21 cold exposure calls and 17 people taken to the hospital over the weekend.

“What’s challenging about this event in particular is that it’s such a long stretch of time. It’s not just one day and then temperatures recover. It is a pretty significant, prolonged deep freeze,” said Adam Paluka, the PIO for EMSA.

City Rescue Mission offers expanded cold Weather Shelter options for individuals and families

So, the risk of hypothermia and frostbite is heightened.

“You know, 30% of your body heat, they say, is loss to the head. One of the things that’s important to keep in mind is, you know, keep your head covered and gloves obviously are important as well,” said Dr. Randall Herrin at OU Health.

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