Multiple storms across the country bring freezing temperatures and icy weather

Multiple winter storms are moving across the U.S., dropping temperatures to dangerous levels. Multiple states are declaring weather emergencies, with the Midwest expected to experience the worst of it. Charlie De Mar reports.

Video Transcript

ADRIANA DIAZ: The country, tonight, is bracing for bone-chilling cold or already enduring it. Multiple storms are moving coast to coast. A polar plunge is delivering snow, ice, and freezing temperatures all the way to the Gulf Coast.

And slick roads are proving dangerous. But the Midwest has it the worst. Our Charlie De Mar is braving the elements here in Chicago. Charlie, good evening.

CHARLIE DE MAR: Adriana, good evening. We are getting the first real break from snowfall all day here in Chicago. But the mixture of wind and single-digit temperatures, it is brutal out here. And it's a forecast that up to 100 million Americans face this weekend.

Icy roads caused an 18-car crash in Nashville this morning. Six people were injured and I-24 was closed for hours. Texas, Oklahoma, and Louisiana have all declared weather emergencies.

It has been an uphill battle against snow and cold across much of the country. This Oregon ER nurse doesn't have the option to stay off the roads.

- I have to get to work one way or the other. If I have to walk there and be three hours late, I'm going to work. And it's downhill from here.

With temperatures crashing well below 0. It can feel as cold as 30 to 40 below when the winds pick up. Even for Minnesota, it's historically cold. In Ely, today, they reported 50 below, the lowest temperature ever for February 13th. The conditions are so dangerous in Chicago, Alderman Byron Sigcho-Lopez turned the basement of his office into a warming center for those with nowhere else to shelter from the cold.

BYRON SIGCHO-LOPEZ: Because there are no other choice. We have exhausted all our options.

CHARLIE DE MAR: And in San Antonio, arrangements are being made to protect zoo animals. Although Timothy the hippo doesn't seem to mind his personal hot tub. And for several cities across the Midwest, including right here in Chicago, it is shaping up to be the coldest Valentine's Day on record. Adriana?

ADRIANA DIAZ: Which is why we plan to stay in. Charlie De Mar, stay warm. Thanks.