Multiple women report 'long history' of sexual harassment from 70-year-old-man charged with groping

Sep. 8—OLIVET, S.D. — A Turner County man is facing up to a year in jail and $2,000 in fines after being arrested in Hutchinson County on suspicion of groping a woman in her own home.

Authorities believe the act, alleged to have occurred on Aug. 14, could be the latest in a series of long-running sexual harassment crimes allegedly committed by Gregory M. Farrar, 70, that one accuser says have spanned over 25 years across multiple towns.

No other case is pending against Farrar at this time, according to court documents, and it is unknown if additional charges are being sought.

Farrar entered a Hutchinson County woman's home on Aug. 14 after asking if it was for sale, according to an incident report written by Freeman Police. After the woman let him in he asked her for a hug. When she consented, he immediately began making sexually explicit comments to her, as well as sexual contact, court documents indicate. She pushed Farrar back and yelled, "I don't even know your name!"

Farrar confirmed to police he was at her home at the time of the alleged incidents, claiming to be asking about its sale. The report also describes he confirmed he gave her a hug that had "escalated" into explicit talk and contact of a sexual nature.

Farrar resides in Turner County. After appearing in court for the first time on Aug. 16, he is set hear the charges brought against him during an arraignment scheduled for Sept. 18.

He faces two counts: one for sexual contact without consent and one for criminal trespassing. Both are Class 1 misdemeanors that carry a maximum punishment of one year in jail and up to $2,000 in fines.

During the investigation, Freeman Police talked to two additional women who claimed the same man sexually harassed them, as well as a third woman who claimed he had made inappropriate comments to her earlier on Aug. 14, separate from the alleged groping.

One of the women alleging sexual harassment claimed to law enforcement that throughout the 25 years she had known Farrar, he had been "stalking her on and off" as well as giving "sexually explicit calls" that were "exhausting to get away from." She claimed that she had moved to different towns and multiple jobs to get away from Farrar.

All of her statements are taken from the incident report filed in court records. No charge is currently pending for that case.

She also claimed that despite having sought help from law enforcement "several times over the years," there had been "nothing ever ... done to deter his behavior."

Another woman working in Freeman told police that Farrar had been stalking her at work and on her way home, as well as making inappropriate comments in person and on the phone. She alleged Farrar had a "long history" of harassing her.