Murals to entice creatives back to cities

More than 50 artists painted murals in Jersey City, New Jersey, on Wednesday, as part of an effort to brand the city as friendly to creatives and bring back people who fled urban areas during the pandemic. (June 2)

Video Transcript

STEVEN SULOP: We've had a really robust mural program for a couple of years now, one of the largest in the country. Today, we have a mural festival. It's the first one in the state of New Jersey, one of the largest in the regions, that will have 80 artists doing more than 35 murals, some of the best known names in Street Art around the world.

- Now look-- like, look away.

- OK.

STEVEN SULOP: It's been a tough year, and I do view art and an investment in arts and culture as the reason that cities are desirable places to live. And so you see a lot of cities making different types of bets on what's going to make them an attractive place, whether it's technology investment or low taxes. Here in Jersey City, we think, ultimately, people want to live in a place with the creative class, with arts and culture.

RON ENGLISH: The pandemic is over, so there is, like, a lot of joy. So my piece is, like, all of the-- my Delusionville characters all being happy. And there's a giant rainbow coming out of a cloud, like, splashing them all with different colors.

MAX SANSING: I just thought about the Statue of Liberty as, like, a Jersey girl and that theme. And I kind of wanted to paint kind of, like, two modern representations of, like, I guess, the flaming beacon.

ELLE STREET ART: So this artwork is-- I was invited by the Jersey City Mural Festival. And as it was somewhat underground, I decided to do something sort of crypt-ish. And I typically do female figures and collage. So this image is-- it's about life and death and rebirth.