Murasai is Building a Community-owned NFT Brand

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Starting April 6th, Web3 will witness the drop of 5802 avatars that give collectors exclusive access to a whole set of perks. Murasai sets out to build a passionate community and will reward members with a real-world utility like streetwear merch, NFT drops, live events, and more to-be-released features. The collection will be deployed on the Ethereum blockchain in three stages starting with the Bendo pass on April 6th, a whitelist sale on the 9th, and the public on the 10th of April.

The Bendo pass will grant early investors the opportunity to claim exclusive content like a signed art book by the artist. The team is made up of experienced Web natives who collaborated with Swiss artist Christopher Fernandes to create futuristic streetwear-inspired Samurais. Murasai holders can redeem merchandise based on their distinctive NFT avatars features and enter real-life events to forge physical collectives based on the NFTs. Airdrops to customize the collector's avatars will be another exclusive feature for the Murasai holders. The developers are working on the possibility to make Murasai NFTs customizable and will grant one-of-a-kind drops to holders based on the rarity of their avatar.

The real-life utility of the Murasai NFT collection is one part of the feature-packed roadmap. Murasai will enter the Metaverse and build an RTKFT inspired Web3 space for community members to come together for exclusive events and to customize their avatars. Customization will play a big role in the Murasai universe, the team is working with one of the most renowned 3D Metaverse to create a lasting impression in the NFT space. The Bendo is backed by the backstory of the Muraverse and will be a place for collectors to fuse community, art, and culture around the NFT collection. Their community consists of more than 20k active followers and their discord anticipates the official launch of the collection.

To learn more about Murasai, their official website can be found at Early mint access for the Bendo pass can be found here and click these for links for the official Twitter and Discord. Also, you can check the NFTdroops calendar link.

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