Murder charge brings relief for Andre Hill family

The indictment of the white Ohio police officer who shot and killed Andre Hill, a Black man, was cheered by Hill's family. (Feb. 4)

Video Transcript

BEN CRUMP: The family of Andre Hill is relieved this morning, but they are not satisfied with an indictment of the police officer who killed Andre Hill as he had a cell phone walking out of a garage.

SHAWNA BARNETT: We don't want any excuses. We want Adam Coy convicted of all the charges. No partials, we want all the charges.

ALVIN WILLIAMS: I'm just wishing that a lot of people, everybody, Black and white citizens, bring this tragedy home with you and understand how you would feel if it was your loved ones. It's not a black and white issue. This is a people issue.

KARISSA HILL: On the first of Black History Month, my dad got a law in his name. And I'm just so grateful for that. And the third day, two days later, the officer's getting arrested. And it's just, like, Black History Month is moving for me, and I just pray that it keeps on moving, you know?