‘Murder will definitely happen soon.’ Warrant details how 3 teens kill Miramar student.

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Three teenagers plotted out the gruesome murder of an 18-year-old Miramar High School senior before carrying out a 31-minute attack that ended with a “large” sword being plunged into his chest, according to the arrest warrants for the teens charged with the crime.

A possible motive, according to the warrant: One of the suspects, 17-year-old Andre Clements III, told his girlfriend and another friend that the victim had sex with his ex-girlfriend.

“Murder will definitely happen soon,” Clements texted his girlfriend Christie Parisien on Oct. 11, per the warrant.

Her response: “I would help you, but becoming a murderer [right now] isn’t what is needed.”

Clements, Parisien, 17, and Jaslyn Smith, 16, have all been charged with first-degree murder, tampering with evidence and criminal conspiracy. They had their first court appearance Sunday. On Tuesday, the Broward State Attorney’s Office announced that the teens would be charged as adults.

Dwight Grant, identified by other media and social media, was reported missing Oct. 17 from the Lake Vista Apartments in the 2200 block of Sherman Circle North. Police never identified Grant, citing Marsy’s Law.

On Oct. 19, a Miramar police officer called Grant’s mother — who was not identified — to follow up on the missing person report. She told the officer that there was video from the security cameras showing two people beating up her son in a stairwell, according to the warrant.

The officer then went to the apartments and “observed signs of blood,” an officer wrote in the warrant. The officer then found a body in the bushes.

“It appeared the body was purposely placed in the bushes to conceal it from normal view,” the officer wrote. His mother led police to Parisien.

Investigating Grant’s death

Parisien originally told police she was supposed to meet up with Grant on Sunday, Oct. 17 — because she was mad at her boyfriend for cheating on her, according to the warrant. Police noted that her story changed several times.

The warrant also includes black and white photos from video cameras that show the trio in the stairwell, police said.

With a search warrant in hand, officers went into Parisien’s home and found the black shirt and boots she was wearing, police said. She also told police that Clements and Smith burned their clothes in a bonfire behind Smith’s apartment. Police say they found a burn spot and several items of clothing in the lake.

Smith told police that Clements told her he needed help to “fight a boy.”

The trio met up on Sunday in the playground area of the apartment complex. Smith told police that Clements had a knife and sword, according to the warrant. She also told police that the plan was for Parisien to “seduce the victim into the stairwell,” while she and Clements waited for him to come down.

Grant tried to get away several times, an officer wrote. She said Clements took the small knife and stabbed Grant in the neck. She said Clements then took the sword and stabbed him in the chest, according to the warrant.

She told police there was a lot of blood on the floor. She and Clements then dragged his body to the bushes, police said. Meanwhile, Parisien cleaned the blood with cleaning supplies she brought, an officer wrote in the warrant. She also said they had a bonfire to burn the clothes.

Officers then executed a search warrant at Clements’ Pembroke Pines home. Officers retrieved several items of clothing including sandals that he may have been wearing at the time of the murder, police say. Clements said he wanted to speak to a lawyer before answering questions, police said.

How it happened, according to police

Using statements from Smith and Parisien and surveillance video, police concluded that “the motive for this attack on the victim was due to the victim having sex with [redacted].”

“Andre Clements III was angry at the fact that this occurred and therefore wanted to murder the victim for it,” an officer wrote in the warrant.

Police say he plotted the murder out via text message with Parisien.

“Christie made a conscious effort to obtain the address of the victim for the purpose of the murder,” police added.

Smith then helped restrain Grant, while Clements attacked him.

“The three suspects then attempted to destroy evidence of the crime by cleaning the victim’s blood off and moving the victim’s body to conceal him in the bushes,” police said. “They again made an effort to destroy evidence of a crime by Andre Clements III and Jaslyn Smith removing their clothes and burning it.”

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