Murdered 6-year-old's mom should face death, boy's dad says

Mario Sanchez says he begged his ex-wife to let him see his little boy, making desperate requests for months.

Video Transcript

- Breaking interview with a man who wants to know why his former father-in-law is not facing charges in the murder of his six-year-old grandson. Jason Sanchez Marks died in June. The boy's mother is accused of giving Jason lethal amounts of NyQuil and street meth to kill him to collect two insurance policies. ABC 13 Steve Campion is live. Steve, what did that boy's father tell you today?

STEVE CAMPION: Well, [? Lana, ?] Mario Sanchez told me, neither his ex-wife or his former father-in-law ever contacted him expressing concern about his boy's condition, saying that his son was in trouble. Now, a report says the boy spent days suffering hallucinations, projectile vomiting, and sleeplessness before dying. On the Thursday before his death, his father told me, he appeared healthy.

Six-year-old Jason runs to his dad in this recording.



- In video shared with us, you can see a strong bond between the father and son, which is why the boy's murder leaves the man devastated.


- Mario Sanchez held back tears, speaking with me.

- They never told me that Jason was sick. They never told me that Jason is sick.

- Sanchez says, he, finally, saw Jason and his daughter the Thursday before he died on June 27, 2020.

- Jason was OK, watching videos. For them, for [INAUDIBLE] Jason, and they looked perfect.


- Ever since Jason's killing made headlines last week, Sanchez said, he's seen comment after comment on social media, asking where he was. Sanchez says in early 2020, he fell ill with tuberculosis, a contagious bacterial infection.

- The last time I get into the hospital, I was there for two weeks. I was really, really sick. I was spitting blood.

- He said, the Houston Health Department ordered him to isolate at home, preventing him from spending time with his kids. Sanchez said, once things started improving, his ex-wife wouldn't allow him to visit.

- I tried to contact Ashley, and she all the time, telling me that she's not at home, that she was in the hospital. She has left. She left Jason to friends.

- Prosecutors charged Jason's mother Ashley Marks with capital murder. They accuse her of overloading the boy's body with cocaine, meth, and NyQuil in order to cash in on 100 grand worth of life insurance money.

- Jason.

- Jason.

- I'm sure that she did it for money.

- Sanchez said, neither Marks or her father, who Jason was living with, ever reached out about his son, leaving him in the dark about Jason's grave condition.

- There are many questions that I want to ask her, why she did it, why she's not asking that she needs help for money.

- A couple of things here. The Houston Health Department says they can't release any information on TB cases as it would violate patient confidentiality. They do tell us that home isolation could be ordered in a case, until someone is no longer infectious. Jason's grandfather has declined multiple offers from Eyewitness News to speak about this case, saying he will not offer us a comment for our reporting.