Murky shape seen by drone in forest pond solves 26-year-old mystery, Texas cops say

A drone hovering above the treetops at Davy Crockett National Forest recently spotted something at the bottom of a pond — putting Texas police on the trail of a crime nearly three decades old.

The boxy shape is hard to see, resting in the green murk of Rock Hole pond, photos shared Oct. 19 by Trinity County Sheriff Woody Wallace show. Still, it was enough to make investigators head “deep” into the forest to reach the algae-slick pond.

Deputies at the scene were joined by divers with the Texas Department of Public Safety, Wallace said. With a bulldozer and a cable, they pulled Rock Hole’s secret to the shore.

It was a car, photos show, every inch of it as green as the pond.

Investigators pulled a sunken car out the pond, which they learned had been stolen in 1996.
Investigators pulled a sunken car out the pond, which they learned had been stolen in 1996.

The vehicle was last registered to a resident in neighboring Angelina County. Investigators spoke with the man and learned the car had been stolen ”around 1996,” according to Wallace.

“We were a little nervous as (to) what we (might) find inside the car however, we are glad to report that we didn’t find anything other than a child’s car seat, a few unopened cans of Budweiser beer, and some catfish,” Wallace said.

As for who stole the car 26 years ago and why, investigators don’t know.

Anyone with information “on who and why it was dumped here” is asked to contact the Trinity County Sheriff’s Office at 936-642-1424.

Located about 125 miles north of Houston, the Davy Crockett National Forest encompasses more than 160,000 acres of East Texas nature.

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