Museums to gradually increase capacity as COVID-19 restrictions lift

There will still be masks and social distancing, but expect to see more people at your favorite museums starting this weekend.

Video Transcript

- A win for the whole family.

- Good job.

- Getting out of the house, and today into Marbles Kids Museum.

- Looks like it's going to be a lot of fun for us.

- Games, something new to explore, and plenty of room to roam. Masks required, enhanced cleaning protocols in place.

KAITLYN MCMULLIN: I just feel comfortable with my kids, because it's clean.

- Capacity has been capped at 50%.

- Guests really enjoy it.

- Staff say a typical Saturday pre-pandemic, some 3,000 people would hit these exhibits. Right now, time-ticketed entry staggers the less than 800 daily visitors, soon to be more. Governor Cooper easing COVID-19 restrictions, and museums now allowed to run at 100% capacity.

MADISON PHARR: We are going to slowly ramp up to 100. So we want to make sure our guests feel comfortable, and that our staff feels comfortable.

- The North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences will also ramp up slowly, keeping smaller exhibits and hands-on areas closed for now. The CEO telling ABC11 when they too are excited, but also very conscious of the fact that we need to do it carefully.

LOMA WILLIAMS: This is one of my favorite places.

- Since it reopened at limited capacity last September, Loma Williams has been coming to the North Carolina Museum of Art once a week.

LOMA WILLIAMS: You know it feels kind of weird to avoid people, but you just keep your distance like you're supposed to.

- Museum staff say they'll continue to require masks, provide hand sanitizing stations, and frequently clean high touch areas. Social distancing also required. This frequent visitor hoping everyone abides.

LOMA WILLIAMS: They need more people for more business, more people shopping in the gift shop. All that kind of stuff. I see that. But I really think that we all have to try to stay alive first.

- And some museums are still requiring that you book your tickets online ahead of your visit. So before you head out with your family this weekend, be sure to visit the museum's website to see what protocols are in place, and if you need to book an advance.

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