Musicians to serenade voters at polling locations

Musicians to serenade voters at polling locations around the country to create a positive, unifying experience and ease voters' anxiety generated by a campaign season that spewed misinformation and stoked divisions, fear and hate. (Oct. 29)

Video Transcript


MIKE BLOCK: My name is Mike Block. I'm a musician. And I'm organizing play for the vote. We are putting on musical performances at polling locations across the country from now through Election Day. Our goal is simple-- we're hoping to create a more positive voting experience for the country on what otherwise might be a stressful day.

We've got hundreds of musicians from 39 states and the District of Columbia who have signed up to play for the vote. And we also have a number of organizations and music institutions that are becoming producers and organizing their own performances at locations in their community. (SINGING) [INAUDIBLE] that I would help. We're bringing musicians of all backgrounds together-- classical, folk, singer-songwriter, rock, jazz. All music is welcome.

And our goal is to create a unifying shared experience. So we're explicitly apolitical. And we have strict guidelines for our performers to make sure that we're not engaging in the political discussion.

And so it's really musicians from college, professionals, Grammy award-winning, bluegrass musicians. In this pandemic environment, musicians aren't able to go play concerts. And so this is really kind of the perfect storm of not just the stressful election, but musicians yearning to create those powerful musical experiences for the public.