Musk denies direct or indirect sale of Starlink to Russia

Elon Musk. Stock photo: Getty Images
Elon Musk. Stock photo: Getty Images
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SpaceX owner and American billionaire Elon Musk has said that Starlink terminals were not sold to Russia directly or indirectly.

Source: Musk on his X account

Quote from Musk: "A number of false news reports claim that SpaceX is selling Starlink terminals to Russia.

This is categorically false.

To the best of our knowledge, no Starlinks have been sold directly or indirectly to Russia."


  • On 10 February, Militarnyi web portal reported that the Russians had started deploying Elon Musk's SpaceX Starlink terminals at their positions. It was noted that Russians received Starlink terminals through "parallel imports" or through so-called volunteer resellers. The purchases are made through third countries, by intermediary individuals.

  • SpaceX said that the company does not have any business with the Russian Federation, its military or the UAE.

  • On 11 February, Defence Intelligence of Ukraine (DIU) confirmed that Russian occupying forces were using Starlink satellite communications systems on the battlefield. DIU stressed that the scale of Russians' use of Starlink terminals in the war was growing and "is becoming systemic".

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