MUST Ministries seeing unprecedented successes in Workforce Development efforts

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Sep. 9—Nothing impacts poverty more than a good, stable job.

As part of MUST Ministries' comprehensive "wrap around services" that make stabilizing clients so successful, helping the unemployed and underemployed find employment is a top priority.

"In the past 12 months alone, MUST has helped obtain 400 jobs for its clients resulting in an unprecedented average hourly wage of $16.23 — more than twice the national minimum wage. These efforts have also put nearly $13 million into the local economy," according to Nate Marsh, Director of MUST's Workforce Development program.

"Reducing unemployment is essential to reducing poverty and moving people out of homelessness as it gives people consistent income, self-worth and a solid career path," he said. "Our team of job coaches are committed to leading our clients to success. And our services are free to everyone."

MUST's Workforce Development provides comprehensive and tailored services to enhance each client's marketable skills for employment. Resume assistance, interviewing skills, computer training, career assessments and other career services are offered to all who want and need help — even those who are

not experiencing homelessness.

One of those clients is Dione, who came to MUST recently after nearly three years of experiencing periodic homelessness. Because of her diligence in finding a job as a care giver and MUST's guidance through job coaching, she now has multiple job offers and is on the path to success.

"I took a one-way bus ride to MUST Ministries and was accepted into the MUST Hope House that day," Dione said. "I heard some of the other girls on the single women's wing talk about MUST's workforce development program and they said that, if you go in and are serious about it, you can get a job and be successful."

Dione took advantage of that opportunity and thus took control of her future. She obtained job search assistance, resume training, interview coaching and more from MUST before the job offers started coming her way.

"Homelessness is not a comfortable thing. It's a scary thing," Dione said. "But when you come to a place like MUST, there are people that you can trust, that you can build a good relationship with and a good rapport. You just have to have an open mind. Come through the doors, listen and they'll lead you the

rest of the way."

Other Workforce Development services include:

— 24-hour online jobs portal

— Jobs hotline open on weekdays (470-313-1960)

— Locations throughout Cobb and Cherokee counties

— Free laptops with training

— Employment game plan

— Direct employer leads

— State-of-the-art computer training labs

"You don't have to be a client to access our dynamic program," Marsh said. "We help anyone who is underemployed or doesn't have a job."

To talk to a MUST Workforce Development staff member, call 470-313-1960 or visit for more information.