Must-Read Thriller in 2021: Author Kumari Kanchanji’s Nail-Biting Debut Novel Scrutinizes Shocking Issues Threatening Society

Kumari Kanchanji’s riveting debut thriller, What a Girl to Do When Life Throws a Curveball?, combines real-life intrigue with a fearless femme fatale to deliver a gripping, suspenseful read. Based in part on the true story of a famous reporter targeted for assassination by the Indian authorities, Kanchanji’s work stands out as both an exhilarating novel and a powerful commentary on social issues impacting the modern world.

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What a Girl to Do When Life Throws a Curveball? Follows investigative reporter Zeena Amman, an award-winning newscaster in New Delhi, India. Young and daring, she doesn’t shy away from using any tactics—even blackmail, bribery, and seduction—to make sure she gets the latest sensational scoop for her top-rated television show. As she investigates a corruption case dubbed the Coalgate Scam, Zeena discovers that Delhi’s biggest crime boss has been manipulating government officials to win contracts without public bidding.

Zeena can’t believe it’s the same wicked man who once nearly destroyed her family. Because of his nefarious actions, her parents had to live in poverty, and she had to work as a sex slave to survive. With damning evidence in her possession, Zeena is more than ready for revenge. But before she can act, the boss transfers control of his empire to his daughter, Alishia, who has a spotless reputation. Knowing that it will be harder to convince the corrupt authorities that Alishia is just another shield against prosecution, Zeena decides to infiltrate the organization to get the proof she needs and settle the score for good.

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What a Girl to Do When Life Throws a Curveball? is perfect for adult fans of realistic thrillers and suspense. Although Kanchanji abides by many conventions of the genre, her work is distinct in its sensitive handling of subjects like corruption, sex trafficking of minor girls, censorship on journalistic freedoms, and government accountability. In addition to being a captivating read, What a Girl to Do When Life Throws a Curveball? encourages readers to consider the interrelated nature of these issues in society.

Zeena’s ability to fight back against oppression as a minority woman is sure to resonate with a broad audience. Reflecting on her work, Kanchanji noted, “A woman, if she has the will and the determination to persevere, can attempt the impossible and achieve it.” She hopes that What a Girl to Do When Life Throws a Curveball? will inspire her readers to recognize the inherent strength in all women and uplift the women in their lives.

What a Girl to Do When Life Throws a Curveball? is available for purchase on or wherever books are sold. A screenplay is currently in development.

Kumari Kanchanji is an author, CEO, and advocate for women’s rights. After leaving the traditional corporate environment, Kanchanji started her own business marketing Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs) and educating communities about the dangers of Sudden Cardiac Arrest. She is a founding member of the 9/11 Memorial and has donated both AEDs and her maintenance services in perpetuity to non-profits around New York City.